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Mannan[1] may refer to a plant polysaccharide that is a linear polymer of the sugar mannose. Plant mannans have β(1-4) linkages. It is a form of storage polysaccharide. Ivory nut is a source of mannan.

Mannan may also refer to a cell wall polysaccharide found in yeasts. This type of mannan has a α(1-6) linked backbone and α(1-2) and α(1-3) linked branches. It is serologically similar to structures found on mammalian glycoproteins. Detection of mannan leads to lysis in the mannan-binding lectin pathway. This mannan is the source of MOS used as prebiotics in animal husbandry and nutritional supplements.[citation needed]


From 'manna', produced by several species of tree and shrub e.g. Fraxinus ornus from whose secretions mannitol was originally isolated.

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