VII Corps (Union Army)

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VII Corps
VII Corps badge
ActiveJuly 22, 1862 – August 1, 1863
January 6, 1864 – August 1, 1865
TypeArmy Corps
Part ofDepartment of Arkansas
EngagementsAmerican Civil War
1st DivisionVIIcorpsbadge1.png
2nd DivisionVIIcorpsbadge2.png
3rd DivisionVIIcorpsbadge3.png

Two corps of the Union Army were called VII Corps during the American Civil War.

Union Army 1st Division Badge, VII Corps
Flag of the VII Corps

VII Corps (Department of Virginia)[edit]

This corps was established 22 July 1862 from various Union troops stationed in southeastern Virginia. The corps' main combat action occurred in the spring of 1863, when it faced Confederate troops of James Longstreet's Corps in Suffolk, Virginia. Commanders were:

The corps was discontinued on August 1, 1863, and its troops were transferred to the Eighteenth Corps.[1]

VII Corps (Department of Arkansas)[edit]

After the original VII Corps was deactivated in the summer of 1863, a second VII Corps was formed from troops in the Department of Arkansas. Most of its active service occurred during Steele's Arkansas Expedition. Commanders were:


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