List of Mayflower passengers who died in the winter of 1620–21

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Forty-five of the 102 Mayflower passengers died in the winter of 1620–21, and the Mayflower colonists suffered greatly during their first winter in the New World from lack of shelter, scurvy, and general conditions on board ship.[1] They were buried on Cole's Hill.[2]

People marked * below were probably buried in unmarked graves in the Coles Hill Burial Ground in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1921, some of the remains of persons buried on that hill were collected into the sarcophagus that is the Pilgrim Memorial Tomb on Cole's Hill in Plymouth. Many of the people listed here are named on the Tomb.[3]



  • Mary (Norris) Allerton*, of Newbury, England, wife of Isaac Allerton, died February 25, 1621, reportedly in childbirth, baby was stillborn. Remains later interred in Pilgrim Memorial Tomb, Cole's Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts[5][6]
  • Dorothy (May) Bradford, December 7/17 drowned while the Mayflower was anchored in Cape Cod Harbor; her body was never recovered; memorial in Provincetown
  • Mrs. James Chilton* (first name unknown)
  • Sarah Eaton*
  • Mrs. Edward Fuller*
  • Mary (Prower) Martin*
  • Alice Mullins*, February 22–28
  • Alice Rigsdale*
  • Agnes (Cooper) Tilley*
  • Joan (Hurst) Tilley*
  • Mrs. Thomas Tinker*
  • Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow*, March 24. Remains later interred in Pilgrim Memorial Tomb, Cole's Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts[7]
  • Rose Standish* January 29


Mayflower plaque in St. James Church in Shipton, Shropshire commemorating the More children baptism. courtesy of Phil Revell
  • Elinor (Ellen) More, age 8 died in Plymouth January 1621. She died of the disease pneumonia. Name is on the Pilgrim Memorial Tomb, Cole's Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • Jasper More, age 7, died on board the Mayflower on December 6, 1620. Buried ashore in the Provincetown area.
  • Mary More, age 4 died in the winter of 1620. Location of her remains unknown. Name is represented on the Pilgrim Memorial Tomb, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • Joseph Mullins*, age 14, February 22–28
  • Solomon Prower*, age ca. 14-17, December 24
  • the son of Thomas Tinker*
  • both sons of John Turner*

Statistics by month[edit]


According to Bradford's Register,[8] a contemporary source

  • November, 1
  • December, 6
  • January, 8, 11
  • February, 17
  • March, 13


  • April uncertain, between 1 and 5[9] (including Governor John Carver, not in above list)
  • May or June, at least 1 (Mrs. Katherine (White) Carver*, not in above list)

Four deaths occurred in months unknown before the first Thanksgiving, bringing the total deaths to 51.

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