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How does this work?

  1. Randomly select some links from the list below.
  2. Update those articles: These articles contain HTML table attributes that look invalid (a version without the illegal attributes is shown for each, although in some cases these attributes could stay in after a typo has been fixed). I.e. The second line is not a fixed version but a version with all illegal html removed - in some cases it should stay after typos have been fixed.
  3. With each update, if you want, set the edit description to "[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Syntax|Please help out by clicking here to fix someone else's Wiki syntax]]." (This is to encourage more malformed syntax to be fixed.)
  4. Then delete those articles from this list (so that we know that they're done).

Note: If you run into a tricky one, and want the official guidelines, and don't mind reading technical documents, then here is the W3C spec on HTML tables.

All done. --David Iberri | Talk 07:14, Dec 5, 2004 (UTC)